The Little Girl

This happen to my friend, but I guess I want to share it with u guys out there. My friend and her aunt when to the fort canning for the “Nostalgia P.Ramlee”. They were having the showbreak, and it’s nighttime. Therefore they decided to go to the toilet. When reaching the toilet there was already few people inside. Sunddenly the lights in the toilet black-out. Everyone was panicking, but they remain calm. Few minutes later the lights were back on. My friend was waiting in line for the second toilet. Everyone whom has go in, had gone out. Only the first toilet the person did not come out. The makcik infront of it was getting inpatient. Therefore she knock on the door asking if anyone inside. But there was no respone. The makcik from the second toilet queueing said maybe the person fainted inside. She also tried to push the door but it was tightly locked. It’s seem more strange cause the door said “in use”. The makcik said she saw a little girl entering the toilet before the balck-out. She seem scared already, and started to said prayers.

She waited but still the door said “in use” were else people from the other three toilet has go in and out. My friend was scared also. Suddenly a pakcik from back of the queue, whom can’t wait to long decide to to push the door, therefore it open suddenly. The door is also “open”. Without no more investigation, the pakcik enter the toilet. My friend was already scared. When it’s her turned to enter the toilet, she could fell goosebumps because she was beside the first toilet. There was a mirror inside. While she was doing her thing, she saw a shadow. She dare not look at the mirror thought that she will see the other person. Therefore if any of you went to fort canning at night and saw a little girl entering the toilet and does not go out for a long time, i guess you better be careful……

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