Do you have an overwhelming feeling that someone is looking over the partition in the cubicle while you`re inside the toilet doing your business?

Do you have this fear of hearing toilet flushing when you know there`s noone in it except yourself?

Let me relate to you an incident which will deter you from using public toilets unless you really have to…

I used to work in a remarkable building located in Shenton Way and it was on a saturday when the incident happened.

I was supposed to arrive at the office around 8am as I needed to get some things done urgently. (The normal working hours was 9am and since it was a saturday, only a handful of persons were expected to be in). It was then I had this tremendous tummy ache after alighting from the MRT and had to rush off to the toilet in the station.

I pushed the door and scrambled into the first cubicle and went about doing my business. I did not realize if there were anyone else in the other cubicles but it was empty on the outside when I went in the restroom. Halfway into my business, I heard a flushing sound coming from a couple of cubicles away. I expected further sounds to come (like tearing of toilet paper etc) but there were none. Couldn`t be bothered, I concentrated on finishing my business when another flushing sound came. Curious now, I perked my ears for other noises but none came. Just then, I could sense someone peeping from above and I quickly look up, expecting to see some pervert. There was no one in sight.

I could feel the tingling feeling creep up my neck and I urged my shit to quicken. The overwhelming sense of being watched from above shrouded me and I kept darting my eyes up and at the gap under the door.

Then, I heard the sound of the tap being pressed and water running on the basin. However, I did not hear any footsteps approaching the wash area nor did I hear anyone coming in (No door opening sound inside or out and I`m in the 1st cubicle and to get to the wash area, other users in the cubicles have to pass me and I definitely can see their shadows from the gap under the door).

My imagination began to run overdrive and I pulled back whatever was supposed to come out and quickly finished my business. Braving myself, I checked every cubicle hoping there was a pervert lurching inside but all were empty. My heart was literally thumping against my chest. I held my breath, turned towards the wash area leading to the main door(nobody was at the wash area as well)and walked briskly out of the damn toilet. I couldn`t even stay a second longer less to think about washing my hands! I could literally feel the blood drained from my face as I hurried through the underpass to my office building…

Nowadays, I make sure my bowels are loosened before I step out of my house just to avoid using public toilets…

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