Ngee Ann City’s Toilet

My sister related this incident to me about a toilet located at the 17th level (not sure but it`s the top-level of the bldg) of the office premise at Ngee Ann City. During the school holidays, two of her friend were doing survey for a company there and they happened to come across this strange toilet. She said that her friends did not mention much about the toilet except that it was very eerie and strange.

Years later, I visited a company along Science Park drive. I was waiting at the reception area. There were 2 CISCO security guard and a lady stationed at the reception counter. I overheard their conversation. One of the security guard was chatting about his strange encounter with this toilet located at the 17th level of Ngee Ann City when he was stationed there. He did not reveal much but he said that the toilet there was an area of most frequent supernatural happenings with the staff at that level. At this moment, I was perturbed and there was a chill right from my head down my spine. What my sister told me and from whatI heard about the security guard`s encounter were no mere coincidence about that strange toilet.

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