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During my NS days, I serve in a unit which I will not disclose which is um….. say nothing less that ‘intresting’. One morning, I woke up at 0630 to go and wash up my face and a quick shower which I had been doing for the whole time I was in NS. The toilet that I went to was a pretty old and worn out but that is not the funny part. I was in the second shower cubicle showering happily away when I heard another shower tap was in use, so I thought someone had came in and use the showers. For your info, the shower cubicles had got not doors at all.

After I finish, I went to the basin and brush my teeth and shave. When I was about to finish, I notice that the shower tap is still in use BUT the funny thing is no water is coming out. I went to investigate every shower cubicle until the very last one. When I look in, I got a surprise, the shower tap is just moving in and out like someone is pressing it repeatly. Tic tac! Tic tac! Tic tac! It went. I quickly back off and pick up my stuff and got out of there!! So is it a mechanical fault or something else…. Well for your info when I went back into that toilet in the afternoon with my buddy, I check the shower tap and it is working fine. So what is it??

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