Selling Salt

Have you ever imagined ghost eating salt? Well there were tales of people trying to make quick bucks by selling salt to spirits in cemetery at night.

But to walk out alive, there are a 2 rules though. First you must never look up to see them. Second you must not run out of the cemetery before dawn break. It is believed that if you can observe this 2 rules, then the hell notes they will pay you for salt will turn into real money by day break.

I personally have never come across anybody who tried it but while doing mission training in cemetery during my army days, i have seen people going to some muslim cemetery at 3am. I can’t be sure what he is up to though.

Anyway for those who are interested, this is the correct procedure i heard. Go to a cemetery wearing a jacket with a hood, bring a lot of mahjong paper to spread over the floor and not forgetting the salt wrapped in packets. Soon hands will appear in front of your face asking for salt. You pass it to them and they will give you money. At this point , never look up. When the sun rises, pack up your things and leave and never look back.

Now the question is why does ghost need so much salt? Well according to experts, spirits need salt in order for them to look better after they died because their body will rot so salt will help them to maintain their personal hygiene just like we need water to clean up.

Another important thing is that your salt must never run out. So get a few baskets if possible and sit there do nothing but look at it no matter what happen you can only look at the basket.

According to sources, each hell note they gave you will turn into $50 and you have to spend it within a week. Good luck!

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