Lim Chu Kang Guard

For those who have a faint hearted PLEASE DON’T READ IT. This is a story about a soldier doing a sentry guard during night time at Lim Chu Kang. Lim Chu Kang is a cemetery area, forested area and a place where live firing area is held there by Singapore Arm Forces (SAF); the Army of Singapore. And the story begins here. All are written by his own words and his real life fact encounters with it. Only God knows it.

First up, It was the weekend, I had to do guard duty at the 2nd Battalion Singapore Guards Unit located remotely at Lim Chu Kang, one of the few areas in Singapore left unurbanised. There were, if I remember correctly, 14 of us on duty that day. Two NCOs, six sentry guards and six prowlers. There were 2 sentry points and an ammo dump to guard. I was to guard the main gate. I considered myself lucky because the NCO post was just 50 meters behind me; once a while they would come out to smoke and keep me company.

I’m not easily frightened, in fact I enjoy being in the open foggy night like this one. The whole mood was mystifying; there was almost a full moon, cricket noises, owl hooting and smooth cold wind; I was enjoying the serenity when I heard a soft wail. My back was facing the gate and it was from there that the wailing was coming from so I turned. There was nothing. I looked to the NCOs direction; they were watching TV, not likely that they would hear anything. I thought nothing of it until I heard it again, so I went to the gate; looked out, to the left, right and into the distance.

The only thing I saw were trees and a faint light some distance away ? there was a house. I doubted the wail was coming from there because the house was too far. I must admit, it was exciting and a little eerie; I felt goose bumps all over my body. It was the first time I had felt such chill come over me like that. As I turned to walk away from the gate, I heard it again the wailing. This time it sounded close right behind me, I froze dead at my feet. The wailing was beginning to really freak me out, I turned to look to the NCOs but they were too engrossed in their television. I could see something from the corner of my eye, I turned and dear god, it was real! I was looking at something I had only heard of from other people. It was horrible; a floating green face with entrails hanging and blood dripping from it ? THIS IS NO BULLSHIT! I couldn’t control my bladder; I released. I was standing there for what seemed like a lifetime. I remember nearly coming to tears, wanting to scream but couldn?t. The thing was looking at me with so much of satisfaction.

Thank God one of the NCOs called my name. He had noticed that I was not at my usual spot and thought something was amiss; he was absolutely right. After I heard his call, I remember feeling so relieved that I cried and nearly passed out. I was taken to the medical center and I spent the night there. Till today, I shiver when I hear a wail, even on movies. Only God knows it. May Peace Be Upon You.

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