Do You Believe

Are you a believer or a non-believer of the supernatural? Do you dare to go to a cemetery and walk around graves alone? Do you find your guts wanting for such an experience? If you do not believe, then what are you afraid of?

Ok, maybe you would say there are no ghost but still there are animals like snakes and monkeys around so it is still not safe. Or some people think of it as a form of respect for the dead eventhough they believe they do not exist in any form anymore.

Personally I am a non-religious person but i am still very curious about supernatural stuff. If you were to ask me to stay overnight at a cemetery alone I wouldn’t dare not because i am timid but i am 50-50 about their existence and their ability to harm. But if you talk to an army person who needs to camp at the tombstones at various cemeteries, they will tell you what is there to feel scare? But then again, it could be all in the mind as when they are in the cemetery as a soldier, their target is probably the enemies and not ghost. Morever they are usually with a group of soldiers and also they are armed with weapons and the “crest” of the beret i suppose will help too. So i guess the “mission” is different for them and for others who specifically goes there to get some cheap thrills.

So do you dare to spend a night alone at a cemetery? Does your courage determine what you believes? Even if you do not believe, what is stopping you from testing out your beliefs?

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