Ghost In Mirror

Hi guys, did you ever seen a ghost/strange creature on the mirror at your school ? But I did … This is how the sturey began :

After classes end, my friend Evangeline and I went to the toilet of our schools’ canteen … We normally comb our hair either wash our hands in the toilet. So, we wash our hands because its dirty that we are having art period before being dismissed. So when after I washes my dirty hands, I look up and look at my own at the mirror… Guess what I see ? Myself or Evangeline ? Firstly, I saw my own in the mirror so it was nothing… But when I looked close to the mirror, I was shock that I saw some red color object was behind me. So I turned around, nothing was behind me … So, I quickly asked Evangeline to look into the mirror …

Then she shouted at me:”Are you mad? Why ask me to look at the mirror?” Then I asked her whether she saw an red object that look like an strange creatures… But her replied was NO … But I didn’t started to get panic, I try to look close again …

Suddenly, a white color object fly passed me… and I just lazy to bother whether what was that thing … I just focusing at the piece of mirror, then my friend again say I must have being MAD ~ So I continue to look at the mirror, slowly, I saw that red creature was slowly formed … I saw its head was like Demon and have 2 horns on top of its head … I started to get frightened, but I tell myself not to be afraid… Then I look at the creature closely, its look not ugly and also not scary … But for my thinking is quite cute …

Anyway, at the end I look at the mirror and said:”Bye, creature !” then I go off … Know why i’m not scare ? Because before an human being died, was it an human being ? then after they died then they become different types of ghost, right ? THATS MY THINKING …

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