Girl In Male Toilet

We were having camps(again!) at school when my fren who has the third eye went to the male toilet with his another male fren. The corridor leading to that toilet is dark becos the lights were busted. Nevertheless, when u r urgent you have to go. so my 2 frens went to the toilet.

Suddenly, we saw my 3rd eye fren running out of the toilet n we asked him y? he just said ‘nothing, just feel like running out’ but from the looks of his eyes, we knew he saw soemthing.

Then our other fren walked out from the toilet n he asked my 3rd eye fren why he didnt wait for him n my fren just smiled sheepishly. Then the other fren started questioning him asking it that he saw somethign in the toilet just now and its only at this pt my 3rd eye fren say yeah he saw something. he said while he was washing his hands after doing business, he looked up into the mirror and saw a long hair girl standing behind him, next to our the other fren who was still at the urinal doing his biz. He was shocked becos that girl dun look frenly at all. she was in fact glaring at him. she noes he can see her. so my fren ran out of the toilet.

ANd in the end, my 3rd eye fren kena scolding from our other fren for leaving him alone there with that woman! God noes what was she doing a male toilet in the 1st place!

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