Eastpoint Cinema’s Toilet

Hey there u guys, I heard this story from a friend’s friend which I thought was pretty cool. Scary but cool…..

U noe the toilet on the top floor of the Eastpoint shopping centre? It is where the cinema is. Well this story happened around midnight right after my friend’s friend watched a movie……

My friend’s friend had watched a midnight movie with her friends and decided to go to the toilet for some touch-ups on their faces. Well my friend’s friend decided to go and peed and so she went to one of the cubicles…..

She was on one of those sitting toilet bowls and suddenly heard a flushing sound just beside her cubicle…

She clearly remembered that all her friends did not intend to take a piss and that she was the only one in the cubicle, she also remembered that all the cubicles were not occupied at all……..

Curiosity kills the cat, she wanted to noe who was inside the cubicle beside her…….

So she took a peep just below the cubicle to see if there was someone……

There it was. A woman’s face staring at her! Pure coincident or what? It was exactly the same time as when she bent down from her seat, that woman was also bending down! She went out and say “CABUT!!!” (RUN!!!) Everybody went out without knowing what exactly had happened…….

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