Village’s ‘Fatimah Rocker’

This incident happened a couple of years back. I was staying at my grandparent’s place in Malaysia during the December holidays. My kampong was like a typical village that could stretch a few kilometers from the start to the end. It was kinda like each house was located along a small river. And surrounding them were either forested area or vast oil palm plantations. Maybe it’s kind of hard to imagine because some of us here don’t have any kampongs of our own. Or it could simply be that I couldn’t describe it in details.

Anyway, my auntie, my sis and me wanted to go to a pasar malam (bazaar) one night. We decided to go there by cycling since the bazaar is a distance away and furthermore, my granny’s house is a few hundred meters from the main road itself.

On our way out to the main road, there is a huge concrete bridge that we have to cross to get to the main road. At that particular bridge, there was sort of a height limit clearance poles. You know the type that we see at the entrance of a multi-storey carpark? As we were nearing it, we heard the hoot of an owl. As far as we know, there wasn’t any owl there in the village. I mean my auntie has been living there throughout her lifetime and she’d sworn that there weren’t any owls in the vicinity! Then, when we look at the peak of the poles, we got freaked out!! We saw a woman squatting down and she was looking in our direction! Although we can’t see her face (it was covered by her long hair), we can’t help but feel like we were being watched. We wanted so much to turn back and head on home but somehow, we didn’t. We just slowly went past her. As we did that, we took a good look at her and we wondered how did she get up there? If she was a real woman, she wouldn’t have been able to get up there on her own right? Even if she was, what was she doing there at this time? We decided to leave the questions unanswered and quickly cycled away.

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