This story was told my my dad to me. Now, i would like to share this story with you guys.

This story happened when my dad was in his young age. My dad was going out with some of his friends to watch a theatre at the city. My dad and his friends were having a good time watching the show. Before going back, my dad’s friends needed to go to the toilet. At that time, the toilets did not have a roof, so it can be difficult to have some privacy. So then my dad stood outside to “guard” the toilet. My dad told me that his friend saw two red eyes staring down right at him!!! He was so shock that he immediately ran out. My dad and his friends rode a bicycle back. While riding, he smelled an aroma that was very sweet and found out that a pontianak was following them. All of them ran as fast as they could and manage to get back.

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