Do you have an overwhelming feeling that someone is looking over the partition in the cubicle while you`re inside the toilet doing your business? Do you have this fear of hearing toilet flushing when you know there`s noone in it except yourself? Let me relate to you an incident which will deter you from using …

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NASS Toilet

If it’s a new school, don’t you dare think there aren’t already ‘people’ around…… My batch was the second batch of students at NASS. Wait til you’ve read my story… It was an exceptionally cold morning in March 1998. At 6a.m., no student seem to be around yet. Everything was serene, quiet. Cold. Very cold. …

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The Girl

One day, my classmates and I were doing a project on plants in school. Suddenly, I needed to go to the toilet. I asked my best friend, Sylvia, to come along (if she wanted to) as I heard many unusual supernatural stories and happenings in our school, esspecially in the toilets. So we just ran …

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