Ghost In Third Floor

My school principal had organised a motivational camp for the in-coming graduting class two years ago. I was one of them involved in the camp. It was a three day camp. The camp was so boring that made us tired easily. Then when it came to the night time, we were assigned to a different class each. I took the class that was nearest to the toilet.

Before dinner, we went to take a shower. As our school has only two unlocked toilet with only two shower each all of us took a longer time in queing. One of my friends suggested that we should try to go to the third floor toilet as it may be unlocked. Our luck was good because the toilet was not locked for this time. Without thinking much, we went in the toilet and at every cubical there was a shower each. Since there were six of us, we went in and bath togetre. There were no one except six of us.

Later when we went out of the toilet, we wondered why was the toilet not locked because since four years in the school, there was never once the toilet was unlocked. When we asked our frenz why they won’t use the third floor toilet, they said that it was locked but actually we were inside it.

Later that night, i could not sleeep. So i sat by the window with one of my frenz as the others were busy talking in the dark. That night, the wind was not strong but suddenly i heard a “hoooooooo” sound as if some one was howling and i looked at my friend who sat with me and she also looked at me as if she has heard what i’ve heard. Then i heard it again and this time it is louder. I was so scared that i stood up and joined my other frend. I was sitting by the table listeneing to their conversation that one of my frenz told that why was my face is so white in the dark. So we ignored. My friend who sat by the window came and joined us. We kept quiet for some time that every one heard a howling sound. We told our teachers about the incident and on the following day, we were transfered to the libary. Since then, all the girls were placed in the library.

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