The Ghost Toilet

Hi my name is lynette! My story begans here……..

When it is after school, me and some of my friends were walking along the classroom heading for the staffroom. When we were talking happily, suddenly all of us got a tummyach and we all ran to the toilet. Then i heard that a girl is calling my name while im flushing the toilet. The voice sound very scary and i shouted “Hey Mi Mi (my friend’s name) stop the joke, it is scary!” When Mi Mi heard it, she shouted back “What are you talking about??? I did not call your name at all!”

Then when all of us were washing my hands, i asked who called my name just now and everyone laughed at me. Then all of us heard a girl called our name and i heard my name they heard their name and i can only hear my name not my friend’s name! Same for my friends too! Then we all shouted and ran all the way out to the staffroom at no one was there.

Then i woke up i thought it is a dream but it is so real, so i asked my friends whether they had the same dream as me and they replied and the answer is “yes! “…………..

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