My Haunted School

1st day of my skool at pasir ris secondary school. I am starting to like that school after a few days and when im in sec 2 which is this year 2002. I becoming to have eerie feelings about that school. My seniors said that the toilet at 3rd floor is haunted even though it is in the morning at about 8 to 12am. I had many friends which is in seniors. This happens in the toilet when it is the lower sec recess. When im in the toilet with my other few friends, we were just combing our hair to make ourselves tidy. Something happened in the toilet at the old block near to the class 4b which in 3rd floor. I kick the the last cubicle of the toilet because it was lock.

Suddenly, after i kick the door we heard flushing of cubicles at the end of the cubicle and we heard whispering too at the same cubicle. So i try to be brave and peep at the space at the lower part of the door and saw angry head and only a head looking at me. Without my friend knowing, i just ran outside. My friend ran out too without knowing and we went back to class and ask me why. My face was pale and i didn’t say anything. Beware to the pasir ris secondary students.

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