NASS Toilet

If it’s a new school, don’t you dare think there aren’t already ‘people’ around……

My batch was the second batch of students at NASS. Wait til you’ve read my story…

It was an exceptionally cold morning in March 1998. At 6a.m., no student seem to be around yet. Everything was serene, quiet. Cold. Very cold. I came to into the empty classroom at level 4 to place my bag and have my breakfast in there. From the classroom window I could clearly see the boys toilet from a distance. I sneered at the thought of the many infamous tales I’ve heard about it. I sniggered at the thought of how many so-called boys, have talked about the toilet with fear imminently present in their voice. “You won’t want to go in there after dusk”, they say. “If you have to pee in there before sunrise, you’ll in for a hell of a scare”….”There’s something in the third cubicle”….

Yeah, right. Rubbish. Sheer rubbish.

Or so I thought.

It was then that a funny sense of curiosity enshrouds me. Some of the people whom I heard this tales from are actually trustworthy. They would hardly tell a lie….so…what if these stories ARE true? I then decided to venture into the toilet for myself.

There was nothing unusual, Everything was in place. Toilet surprisingly clean. No sights of ghouls…or pontianak… or kwee… or hantu. Everything was normal. Just that I noticed the door to the third cubicle was locked. Thinking there was someone inside to pounce on me or play a nasty prank, I peered in from the opening underneath. Nope. No sign of such an idiot. I knocked on the door like some loanshark banging on debtor’s property. Nope. No reply.

Strange. But nothing unusual. I then turned towards the glass mirror to comb my hair. And then suddenly:


The thunderous banging sound came from the third cubicle! It was no mistaking where it came from! It sounded like someone wanting to break free..! But I checked earlier, and there was absolutely no one inside! It was then that I heard it – a voice. A voice so frantic: as if yelling at me. I recognise the language in which the voice spoke – Thai. Like lightning I dashed out of the toilet, hair standing on ends, heart trembling… quaking with fear.

I did not tell anyone about the incident. However, a few days later, all students found that the door to that toilet was locked. There was even a school announcement saying that the toiet is out of bounds to all students. And it was out of bounds for almost the rest of the year. I somehow feel that I had not exprienced the incident alone. Someone else experienced it and reported it to the school management, i think.

I sought answers from a teacher – Mr S the discipline master then. I remember his answer clearly: a construction worker died in that very cubile when the school was being built.

And so I realised I had had a meeting with the undead.

(4 years has passed now, but still the memory is still vivid. My hair is standing at ends as I’m typing this story in. Don’t believe me, well, ask any NASS graduate of 1998!)

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