Temasek Poly Koi Pond

This happened during one of TPP’s Annual Sports Camp. We were at the Koi Pond where we were supposed to play this (STUPID) game. We’re supposed to light 13 candles while the camp officials will try to blow them all out. Despite this being a no-brainer game, i do agree it has it’s tinge of eeriness.

The time was about 10 p.m. It was then that I felt a presence surrounding the Koi Pond. My gut feelings told me that there was ‘something’ lurking behind the bushes. For one thing, I noticed that despite the air of the night being still, there were rustlings coming from the bushes. Just not to alarm anyone, I kept that feeling to myself.

Bad move.

The next thing we knew, a female camp participant screamed piercingly on top of her lungs and waved frantically in the air as if trying to ward off something unseen. Then she started to run fast. VERY fast. Some camp participants, including myself and camp officials gave her a chase trying to get hold of her. But she was screaming and running so fast, it was almost ‘not-human’.

We finally managed to rugby-tackle her and pinned her down to the ground. Her eyes was wide open and she was murmuring something i thought damn creepy. Then she gave out that piercing scream again. The next thing we knew, she passed out. She was later drove to hospital.

The cause of her being in that condition is yet to be confirmed. I once asked her about it (she’s okay now), but she could not seem to remember the details. She said all she recalled was she ‘smelled something coming from the bushes’ and a someone telling her to ‘jangan main sini’ (“don’t play here” in malay).

So was there ‘something’ from behind the bushes near that koi pond? You figure.

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