This was a story told to me by one of my classmates who stayed back one evening to complete her project just recently. She and a group of students were preparing their project last minute and they had to stay back to complete their work.

While engrossed in their work, she felt cold all of a sudden. But she decided to ignore it all. At that time, her partner was beside her helping her with the project. All of a sudden, she saw a figure glide past her. She thought that it was just her imagination and thought it away. But after sometime, she was pestered by the image in her mind.

To make things worse, a few minutes later, her partner shouted,”Eh, jangan cubit aku!!”(eh, don’t pinch me!!). She slapped his back and shouted at him: “It wasn’t me. I was typing all the time, didn’t you see my hands on the keyboard?!”.

Her partner told her that he knew it wasn’t her. Because he saw it too. He was a very strong-willed person, so he tried not to show his fear. Actually, there were many strange incidents which happened in that room.

One teacher actually told of a story that one day while she was in the middle of her shorthand lesson, and while the students were transcribing the passage, the recorder just stopped. It was as if somebody had just pressed the ‘Stop’ button.

Then, all of a sudden, a student started to cry. When asked, she just kept mum and did not want to talk about it till a few days later. She said that when the recorder stopped, she swore that she just saw a hand, like that of “Thing” from Addams family, pressing the button.

On another occassion, one of the students went in to open up the room for the rest of the class to come in. When she went to back of the room to turn on the air conditioner, she turned around and saw a headless figure, with its hands on the computer keyboards.

As students, we get freaked out when in that room, as it has a gloomy atmosphere. But what could we do? Maybe you should try to stay in that room till evening to find out what I mean…

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