Siglap Secondary

Siglap Seconday…So many stories about the school lurks behind it’s peaceful cover~ Guess you regular readers have already read the stories posted by other Siglapians, here’s another one…

I’ve heard many stories about old Siglap at cheviot hill but one of the first stories i heard being experienced by my friends really made me look at the school hall differently since.

The first incident was when the Drama club was having their weekly session at the school hall, they were sitting on the stage discussing about their next play when suddenly, the whole group heard the sound of tables and chairs being pushed in the backstage. My friend went to take a look but there was no one there, the only enterence was from the stage as the two backdoors to the stage was locked and at that time. No one went passed them. They resumed their discussion and pretended that nothing happened. After a few mintues, the sound started again, this time, the teacher excused herself and went backstage to check it out herself. She came back with the “i know there’s no one there but wad’s making the noise” kinda look. She sat down at her spot, quickly finished the discussion and ended the meeting.

The next incident was with the Malay Dance group, they had to stay back late to practice for their forth coming performance, it was around 6pm, they were hard at practice and at one point of time, when they were in formation(it was in such a way that one girls were at the back and three were in front, the other 2 members were chatting away on the hall floor) The music started and they danced, suddenly, the girl at the back, danced her way to the front, her face was pale, the other two girls who were beside the stage curtain were also looking pale. One of them whispered “You heard it too?” The others nodded and stopped dancing, packed up and went home. Apparently, they heard people whispering at the backstage when they were the only ones left in school, they knew that no one else was there as the backdoors was closed and the only way in was again from the front and they had to pass the girls.

Finally, the last incident was with some of the band members, they were also staying late practicing at the sch hall on stage, it was about 6pm, the rest of the band members had already left only about 5 of them were left, they were playing their instruments and chatting, suddenly, like the 1st incident, they heard tables and chairs being pushed backstage! Again, the backdoors were locked and they were the only ones left! As they had heard about the 1st incident from my friend before, they were afraid and quickly ran out of the hall without even bothering to pack!What’s the ‘thing’ making those sounds backstage? I’m not sure and i don’t wanna know~

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