Poly, Blk17, Lvl 5

This happen 2 years ago rite before my semestral exams at poly.

I loved to study at school till late at night coz my poly opens all tutorial rooms before the exams so that students can make use of the rooms to study and make group discussions. Some more, my poly is VERY quiet at night… very quiet…

Anyway, I was with my ex-gf that time… studying (and doing something else) in one of those Tutorial classes till around 9pm. We packed up and headed to the block 17 toilet before heading to the bus stop. OF course, she went to the ladies and i went into the gents.

LEt me describe the toilet, the entrance of each toilet faces each toilet. Therefore, from the guys’ toilet, i can see the bottom of the gals’ toilet door from the slits at the bottom of the door. Ok, there was I combing my hair and i can see the slits from my mirror. I saw the gals’ toilet door open by itself and closing…. the thing is.. i did not see any legs going into or out of the toilet. So, i thought my gf was opening the door but stopped halfway and did something last minute. So, i thought she was ready and i waited for her outside.

After 3min, she went out… with a normal look… nothing happened. So i asked her… :

Me: Was anyone in there with u just now?

Ex: NO… why?

Me: Erm… i saw the door open by itself… but no one came in or out.

Ex: i thought that was YOU opening the door…?

ME: No i was still inside……

We made no hesitation and get out of there.

The next day… we described our stories to my friends and one of my friendly lecturers overheard and explained that that area is kind of hanuted since it was first built. He said a BangLadeshi working there got killed in a freak accident arnd Blk 17…

And even during one of my mentoring camps…. that area was intentionally cordoned off at one of the treasure hunts. Errie…

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