Chat With A Dead Ex-Bf

Please take some time to read this story….This story really happend to me and a computer in a computer lab of a Polytechnic

Hello…my name is VAL I am in second year studying in poly…I will not tell my name and the name of the poly I am studying it as it will tarnish the name of the school and people around will be scared to enter to this poly.

It was one cold morning at around 0815hrs in year 2002…I decided to get to school to finish up my big project…I went up to the school’s computer lab and I went into the computer lab and amazingly I saw no Lab technician around…then only I realised that they were having a big School’s annual meeting…I scanned my card on the card reading system in order to get in….

I went in and I looked around and realised that i was the only one in the lab…I was quite surprised…usually at this time(0845hrs)many students will be streaming in to use the computers to check their e-mails,finish up their projects and what not…but today was exceptionally quiet..

I took my seat near the entrance and switched on the system….got myself settled and listened to the internet radio(Gold 90FM)…I was listening to a song by the Swedish pop band-ABBA’s Take A Chance when suddenly there was an abrupt interruption…the song immediately changed to Boyzone’s Love Me For A Reason…goose pimples immediately formed on my body….how can the song change in the middle of the first song…and why does it have to be Love Me For A Reason when this song is my Ex boyfriend’s favourite song…He long since passed away 3 years ago in a bike accident….but I told myself not to think about anything but to concentrate on finishing my project….I was praying that someone will enter the computer lab and I will not be alone….

Indeed I felt myself that I am not alone…suddenly there was sounds of chairs shifting,and the temperature of the air-con increased…I stood up and see if there was anyone hiding and I want to catch the person who is playing a trick on me….

As I stood up…all the computers in the computer labs started switching on 1 by 1….there are exactly 100 systems in the lab and all the systems were on simultaneously….I said to myself…this is not right…if the units were to automatically switched on it would have been at 0800hrs…it is already 0900hrs….

Suddenly there was a rush of cold wind pass me…I have the sudden urge to sit down….when suddenly the next thing really want to freak out any time…i could have just pack my things and rushed out of the computer lab…but I have no idea why I want to stay on….The computer system next to me suddenly lit up with words….”HOW ARE YOU?” in big fonts and bolded…I plucked up enough courage and answere “who are you” hoping it will response…

A few seconds later…..”IT’S ME ERIC”…I was so shocked because the name ERIC is my ex boyfriend’s name…who passed away 3 years ago.. I then said to myself and say this is impossible…I took out the keyboard and saw it was as still as ever…

My computer system’s internet radio just stopped playing the music

“I MISS YOU” was the next sentence which came onto the screen…i am still shocked and with a blank mind,I carried on the conversation…I answered “I MISS YOU”…..



Suddenly I felt my tears streaming from my eyes and I just broke down…


Cold wind just landed on my forehead…like Eric was giving me his blessing by kissing my forehead

Suddenly the computer had wavy lines like the wires were being cut….suddenly the computer was switched off and so were the rest except mine…I cried saying “DON”T LEAVE ME ERIC”…

The entrance door opened and a few students came in….

I just sat there looking into space…when I returned my composure…i packed my things and rushed out of the computer lab and decided to finish up later in the afternoon with my friend….

I told no one about the incident not even my best friend….

I tried to make contact with Eric again one morning but he never returned

I never realised i could make contact with Eric…is it true or not…it is up to me…I choose to believe…

Eric will always be in my heart.

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