St Patrick’s School Encounters

I think I can sense spirits at times. I am not sure if it’s real, or an image generated from myself. I can sense, felt but never really seen, until my secondary school. It was a very old school in the east near the beach.

My first encounter was in secondary two, when Iwas doing some coordination for a public speaking course. So I opened the LT (lecture Theatre). There were only 2 keys. One was with a teacher, who was in hospital for a tumor, and the other was with me.

All the doors were locked. I came in at the 3rd level. I saw this dark figure, darker than the dark, in front of the front seats, or the most left seat ? was this black humanoid. The lights were tripped so I can’t turn on the light. He stood up, turn, and walk out through the left door. I closed and locked the door, and went to tell my teacher with my friends.

I went out and told my teacher, and she went to investigate. When she opened the door, the light was on, it didn’t trip. But when I opened earlier, the lights were tripped and the backup light was on. My teacher switched on the light and went down to check that left door. It was locked. The humanoid could have used that door to get out, but it couldn’t have locked it, as only I have the key.

That was the second encounter in school. I heard many stories about my school. My school was built way before WW2, and there were many incidents of happenings in school, including 1 massacre in the chapel, making it the most haunted place in the school.

There was 1 case in sec 4, something stopped me from holding a camp in school. There was supposed to be a combined camp, St John, NPCC, NCC and Scouts. So St John opted out. I was in St John.

What happens, I was told that a scout was possessed, and went around eating mud. Then a Brother came and prayed for him. The Brother prayed and he recovered. He didn’t come to school for 3 days.

After that my friends and me did some investigations. One rumour was that students cannot come to school after 5 o’clock. The school the main gate is locked after that at 530pm. One time we stayed back. My friend saw dark figures running around, I felt things moving around. My another friends had a pair of interesting ears that will turn red before the figures arrived. We left the place immediately. The next day we saw that the notice board glass was shattered, and the principal couldn’t find the culprit.

This is just one of the many stories in my school.

I have some knowledge. About the Egyptians, I know about why the body do not discompose. In my school science fair, the champion team did a research. It was something to do with the preservation and the environment.

My grandma also told me that the spirits are attracted to the spirits. So when we share stories about spirits, we may attract spirits, as they are attracted to the same kind. So don’t share stories in dark areas. And wind charms may be used to summon spirits as spirits are attracted to high pitched sounds.

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