Stories From AIIS

This is for all the A.I.I. students, ex-A.I.I. students, future students and teachers! Maybe you might even know some of these stories.. ūüôā

AIISS.. A beautiful place during day, but a frightening place to be at night.. these incidence are experienced not only by me, but some of my friends too..

One place you don’t wanna be at night is the 4th floor toilet of the old building(strange isn’t it? toilets seem to be haunted at the fourth floor only.. hmmmm..) Even during the day, you can feel the difference in atmosphere and lighting of the toilet.. it always seem darker.. and denser.. As you step in, you immediately feel someone watching you.. especially, the girls toilet.. I know, i know, it seems like any other ghost story.. Well, this one happened to someone close to me.. She was combing her hair in the toilet one day.. When all of a sudden, she hears a loud bang coming from the cubicle doors! She ignored it and continued combing her hair.. Then, she saw the reflection of a student behind her! But she was alone!! She quickly turned and ran towards her class…. but who was that in the mirror??

This one came from a friend and a teacher.. They were at the school late at night.. I’m not sure because of what.. some competition or excursion i think.. they were walking from the canteen towards the main gate when they had the urge to look up.. Right on top of the hall.. on the cube-shaped structure, stood a lady in white.. Silent as the night.. they were staring at her for a few seconds when she suddenly vanished upon their gaze..

THIS happened to me.. during a camp in school, we were playing a game of treasure hunt.. A clue led us to the stairwell leading to the rifle range.. We were searching for the next clue when i spotted something moving in the rifle range area.. behind the locked grill gate.. ‚ÄėIt‚Äô seemed to notice my attention and just hovered in one place.. Then, without any sound, it zipped into the shadows towards the back of the room.. I seemed to be spell-bounded by that incident.. My group had to literally pull me up to ground floor.. I asked an in-charge if anybody is in the rifle range.. A shake of the head and an affirmed ‚Äėno‚Äô confirmed my theory of what i saw.. It wasn‚Äôt of this world..

Like to be in school early? Well, try not to.. here’s why.. it was 6.30 am.. This friend of mine was in school early.. She wanted to finish her work in school and be fresh when school starts.. What she saw really woke her up good.. She was taking a break and walking towards the toilet, at level 3 old block, when she suddenly saw a white figure in the distance! It was at the end of the technical block!! But what really frightened her, and really convinced her that she wasn’t dreaming was that the figure began to slowly float towards her.. At first, she just stood there.. frozen.. Her senses returned to her after about 4-5 seconds and she managed to run down the other way.. Btw.. the school cleaners DO NOT wear white..

That’s all for now.. Maybe i can remember more stories next time.. If you A.I.I.S. students experience such things.. please share them.. i’d like to know your share of encounters.. Thank you.. peace..

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