School Near Railway

Came across one of your pages where you guys went to the railway behind the former Henderson Secondary School, and I happened to be an ex-student from there, thought you guys might be interested in hearing a story or two from the “freaky school? you mentioned at the end of the page =)

Before it became Henderson Secondary School, it was a temporary premises for Crescent Girls? School, when we were building our new school building at Tanglin Road. I actually spent my Secondary One year there before we moved back to the new building. That would be in 1993. As a junior, we would hear quite a couple of tales from our seniors.

Let?s see..on one of the floors of the main building (the one with the flagpoles in front), think it is the third floor..there are no mirrors in that toilet. Seems like they were removed because everytime students looked into it, they would not see their own would be the image of a disfigured old lady (some say evil looking young woman) looking back at them.

My personal encounter with the toilets would be the one on the topmost floor, fourth floor if I remember correctly, cos my classroom was there?sometimes when I went there to settle my business alone the toilet next to me would flush on its in the end I would always drag someone with me whenever I needed to go to the toilet.

Another story I heard was that the bandroom (which is right at the back of the school) is haunted as well?apparently one of the band members went there really early one morning to practice (cos then there were still morning and afternoon sessions and she was in the afternoon session). The school is such that besides the main classroom block there are different, isolated buildings within the compound, like the Science labs and the Home Econs rooms, etc. The bandroom is situated on the second floor of one such isolated building right at the back (which looks quite eerie, even up to this day). So anyway our dear friend was climbing up the stairs to the bandroom when she heard someone playing the ?Pink Panther? tune on either a flute or one of those trumpet-like instruments. She was quite surprised as she was holding onto the keys to open the place up, but didn?t think much about it, as she thought someone else could have gotten the keys and returned it before her. When she finally got to the top, she realized that the bandroom was still locked (ie she is the first one there, doors not opened, etc) and the music was still playing?

I have more stories about the school, but dun wanna bore everyone at one go, so will indulge more soon..=)

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