That Toilet

It happened few yrs back when i was in secondary school. I like going to the toilet alone without any fren…..(hey, its just me). I know nothing would happen and if there will be…..’so wat’. There’s this particular time i ask to excuse myself cause i wanna go to the ladies. But i went to the toilet not bcause i wanna pee or anything like that……but i just got the feeling of going to the toilet alone..

Well u see…the toilet has 4 cubicle, and the mirror are opposite of each cubicle….dat means, if i look at the mirror, i saw the refection of all cubicle behind me rite? Okay….so its like this….. I remember there is no window in the toilet…..In fact there’s no window at all toilet in my school. As i was combing my hair, my comb drop on the floor…i bend over and pick it up……and look at the mirror and start combing my hair again….Suddenly i saw one of the toilet door close very slowly as if like somebody push it from inside…i want u all to imagine….the door was closing very slowly and yet there is no wind and the most scariest of all…..there is no one!!!!! The moment i saw it…i start to feel goosebumb…and quickly walk out of the toilet….As i as opening the main door, my comb drop again on the floor…and this time when i was picking it up…..i heard a giggle!!!!

I ran all the way to my classroom passing by all 4 classes and telling myself…….’I DON WANNA GO TO TOILET ALONE ANYMORE’

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