Telok Kurau Primary

My story……Now Telok kurau Pri is a New school cauz it’s constructed beside a coffe shop at bedok reservoir Rd. Since the school was build there’s no ghost until now there’s one they said its a chinese ghost. Some pupils saw it went to the canteen toilet.

Well here’s the truth, it all begin when my brother went exploring. There’s a park behind the school and half of the park was renovated and there’s a fence that is for not letting anybody disturb the workers while they were working. My elder brother and his frineds went under the fence and explore what is inside then they saw some sort of a vase under a tree and when my brother tried to carry it, he felt something pulling it and asked his friend to help him and sunddenly there’s another vase. The vase was well tape and there’s some chinese words around it, my bro….untape it and open it. As they open it, there were strong winds shaking the tree and it’s stinks, bones and slimy with some ahses and they ran away.

As he returned home, he told me about it and my mother over heard and said it’s a chinese dead body when it was burn and so my bro…. left it just like that.

And thats why there’s a ghost in the new school sorry Telok kuraw Pri Pupils!

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