Ping Yi Primary School

It has been 8 years but I can never forget that fateful incident that I encountered when I was In primary 5. I had this friend, Azean who had very long hair that reached all the way to her thighs. There was this toilet on the 4th level that was seldom used by the students because it was sort of creepy. There was this one toilet on the extreme left that is always closed. There are stains of vomit that was never wiped. Creepy. But my friends and I liked that toilet because we can sort of make chaos in there.

Well, my friend, Dian and I went to this toilet one day during recess time. We went in 1 cubicle each. After about a minute, we heard Azean’s voice laughing and the slam of a door. Thinking that was my friend Dian spoke,” Azean, the way u laugh is just like a pontianak and it sends shivers down my spine!” Being myself I just kept quiet not wanting to embarrass myself if it wasn’t Azean. I went out of the cubicle first and after washing my hands I decided to check whether it was Azean. All the cubicles were open except the one that Dian was in and the one that was always closed. After Dian went out, I asked her did she hear Azean’s voice just now and she said yes. I knew that she must be in the extreme left of the cubicle as that is the only cubicle that is closed and surprisingly unlocked. I pushed it slowly while calling her name. She didn’t respond. As I pushed further, I saw a long flowing hair. I ran and call for Dian to hurry down! .. We screamed and laughed at the same time as we knew it cant’t be a ghost as it was ‘daylight’.

After we reached the canteen, we saw Azean queueing up for food. We approached her and asked did she went to the toilet and she said she was here all the time queueing up. Dian and I told Azean what had happened and she told us not to be ridiculous. Dian and I exchanged looks and we never went to that toilet again ever. We never told anyone else about that story. We never really figured out the truth.

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