AMKSS Old Building

I graduated from AMKSS a couple of years back, anyone heard of ghost stories about the school’s old building? Well I’ve heard of many. There’s a particular girl’s toilet which gives me the spooky feeling which is at the technical blk ( 2nd floor ) . And there’s a lot of rumours about it being haunted which explains why it’s locked up now. One rumour is that during the construction of the school, a construction worker fell to his death in that particular area. Another place that is believe to be haunted is the corridor that stretches along the Home Econs rooms ( 3rd floor) the moment you switch off the lights, the lights will be switched back on again! Which explains why the lights in that particular corridor are always on.

The scariest part of all is one particular doll ( those type which the students uses for their home econs lessons on bathing a baby ) The doll is rumoured to be able to move by itself !! & once a student try to dispose it through dumping it in the big refuse collection chute ( those big refuse containers found outside schools ). Guess what happened ?? The doll reappear inside the home econs room the next day!!!! It’s not confirm if these are true or not ( i have never personally experienced it before, hopefully not in the future too ! ) Any fellow ex-amkss students who knows more ghost stories about the school & are willing to share with us about it ????

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