Well, this story happened to my friend. We were having a school camp, and we the girls were making alot of noise inside the home econs room, but then our teacher in charge, Mrs yeo, were getting annoyed by our noise, so she asked us to go to sleep, and not to make any more noise b’coz, if we make a single noise, she will make us, the galz, to clean up our skool toilets. So all of us were quiet after that and not dare to make a single noise, coz juz a single noise, we were all send to the toilets to do the clean ups. If we wanna say something to our frens, we have to whisper.

Well, as all of us were about to go to sleep, my fren, fidah wanted to go to the loo to ease herself, but she was afraid and she asked me to go with her but i juz say “Go by yourself, why u scared ah to go to the loo? scaredy cat”. And i juz laughed at her. Well, i think, that fidah is angry with me at that time, so she asked nana to go with her as b’coz nana also wanted to go to the loo too. So they went, with Mrs yeo’s permission.

Well, after they went to the loo, fidah and nana decided to go to the canteen and buy a cup of hot milo from the vending machine. And so they went to the canteen. At the canteen, nana bought herself a cup of milo as b’coz fidah doesn’t wanna drink as b’coz she was full at that time. After nana had bought herself a cup of milo, she turned around and see fidah in a state of shocked. So she asked fidah to tell her what had happened, but fidah only managed to mumbled something about floating lady. So nana juz looked at what fidah were looking at. And all she could do was drop her hot milo and pull fidah and asked her to run as fast as possible and not looked back.

So they run up till they reached the third level which is our home econs room. In there, both of them make a lot of noise and told our teacher in charge of what they had saw. Well, for your info., both of them saw a lady in black, with long hair reaching to her feet. Well, that is not scary enuff rite. Well, what makes it scary is that she was floating away, and “she” saw fidah and nana were looking at her and so she turned around and came face to face with them and she smiled at them with a sinister smile, and she was floating towards them.

Mrs yeo and Cikgu normah, the assistant teacher in charge told them to juz go back to sleep and not make a single noise. So fidah and nana juz went back to their place crying b’coz they were frightened, especially nana, b’coz her leg were scalded by the hot milo. Cikgu Normah, who was sleeping at the door were saying prayers, to help to protect the room.

Well, i noe that this story is not that scary or so, but i hope that u like it.

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