Haunted Classroom

Well, i dunno whether u guys out there would believe it or not but this is really true! My friends and I had to do our cleaning of classroom on a Thursdy afternoon and I was getting really bored. I told my friends that i needed the toilet but actually i was just lying! So i went out of the classroom and went straight to the water cooler. I wanted to go to the toilet actually but I had my own hair-raising experience. I actually had seen a figure in the toilet itself. The figure was actually a woman with long hair and white clothing and also red bloody eyes. I was chickened out so I ran out.

So, back to my story. I walked past classroom 2T2 and i saw the lights not switched off. However, I noticed no one was inside. Not wanting to look further, I went back to my classroom. Our work was done and we pack our stuffs. Together we walked outside classroom 2T2. To my surprise, the lights were switched off. I asked my friends whether there was anyone who had entered the classroom but they told me there wasn’t any. On hearing this, my hair on the back of my neck stand on end. So, not wanting to waste more time, I went down. Halfway through, my friend, F, told me that he had left his book. So, we waited while he went up. A few minutes later he ran down like he was being chased by a dog. I was curious. I asked him. He told me he saw that 2T2’s light was on again and there is a few figures walking around. Some staring at him. Without any hesitation, we ran back home. As for F, he was scolded by our teacher for not completing his work…

Conclusion: So, what do u think? Was it our imagination that had run wild or was it really there??? So, beware of Junyuan Secondary School’s toilet and classroom!!!!!

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