Haunted Bishan School

This happenned to my school. My school is located in Bishan. I won’t mention the name here or no one will dare to go our school again. Actually, this is a second hand story I’ve heard from my seniors and friends who had encountered it. In our school, there is a clock in every room. In one of our language lab, there is this clock that alway stop moving at 2. As it’s an analog clock, so it does not really differeniate if it stops at 2am in the morning or 2pm in the afternoon. The clock is being checked many times, but no problem had been found. Even the battery is new. But no matter what, it will still stop at 2 without fail. Normally the lab is been locked up. Only the language teachers can access to the room. We were very curious so we pester our teacher to tell us. She told us that a few years back, one of the language teachers died of heart attack inside the lab. The time when he died was 2pm. I think that explains why the clock keep stopping at 2.

In our school hall, there is a wall being build over a part of the wall in the hall. According to our seniors, they told us that before the wall is been covered, the wall used to be wet all the time. It will be wet regardless if it’s a rainy or sunny day. What’s really strange is there is no pipe running near that part of the wall. The school authorities tried to find out why, but to no avail so they got no choice but to build another wall over the wall to cover it up. The next story is told to me by my senior. Everytime before the semester ends, there is this big clean up of the whole school. My senior and one of his friends was to be in charge of cleaning up a classroom on the second floor. They spent the morning stacking up the tables and chairs so that they can mop the floor. When they had finished stacking up the tables and chairs, both of them went to the toilet to get water to fill up the pail to mop the floor. They closed the door before they go to the toilet. After filling up the pail, they made their way back to the classroom. Before they opened the classroom door, they heard a lot of noises inside the class. It sounded like the banging of tables and the shifting of chairs. They were very angry as they thought which idiot had went in and messed up the tables and chairs that they had stacked. Just before the door was open, they could still hear the sound, but when the door was opened, the room was as quiet as a cemetery.The tables and chairs were all over the place but no one was in there. Both of them stood there and stared at each another. They don’t even know what hit them. But no one could had escape from the room without using the door. And furthermore the classroom is on the second floor, directly above the staff room. If anyone were to jump down , they would be spotted by the staff in the staffroom.

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