Mysterious Voice

This happened when I was still in my secondary school. Not too scary but just creepy. At that time, my classmates were leaving class and making their way to the school library for our next lesson. As we all had to pass our toilet to take the staircase up the library, me and my friend decided to enter the toilet for a while to check out on our hair. Both of us were looking at the mirror and we were talking. From the reflection, we could see that only one of the cubicles were closed. As we were talking, suddenly someone in the toilet called out my name. I answered her thinking it was one of my classmates who wanted to make sure it was me. After replying to her, I asked her, “Is that you Taya?” There was no reply. I looked at my friend with that questionning look. Then I went towards the cubicle and knocked on the door. There was still no reply. I just shrugged and left the toilet with my friend without thinking anything.

Just as we left the toilet, there was Taya and another two of our classmates on their way up the staircase. I was shocked but I only told her about it when we were in the library. After that lesson, a few of us went to the toilet again. The cubicle was still locked. We called out asking who’s in there but there was no reply. We even bended to check out whether there was anyone in there. Then, we just gave up. But I was sure at the time it happened, there were only two of us in that toilet. Up till now, I’m still wondering who that voice belongs to. By the way it happened two years ago in my school, TKGS. It’s the level 3 toilet besides 3/7 classroom.

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