Amoy Quee Camp

Ok this story began like this … When i was still seving NS in THIS CAMP… nothing seems to happen… BUT not for long.

One night, i had a guard duty at weekend and in our camp there was a place called old 2O. It was an old, very old building without people or shall i say soldiers staying there…. That day when i’m doing guard with my camp-mate, nothing happen during the afternoon … When night came.. something happen…. Before i came to this camp, people say that this camp is not clean esp. OLD 20..

When about 2am my camp-mate and i was patroling around OLD 20, we had a very strange feeling… and when we are about to reach that OLD 20, we saw an old lady standing at the gate.. selling things and we find it so strange at THAT TIME 2am.??? But too bad we must go near the gate to scan the number to prove that we had gone to that place..

AS we were walking near that lady…She started to stare at us… We try to be calm and quickly scan the thing and walk away. When we walked away, that lady keep calling us SOLDIER, SOLDIER in hokkien.. I dare not turn back to look at her..but my camp-mate did, he turn around but that lady was gone. Although she was gone, the sound of her calling us still can be heard. We were so scard and we ran back to the guard room.

After that day, my camp-mate got sick for a week and he told me that when he closed his eyes, he can see the old lady face. I am lucky nothing happen to me. Maybe is because i did not turn back!!! So now, i know why old people always tell us when see something is strange, never turn your head back and look at it. UNTIL now i still find it so errie……

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