Tekong Tales

This was a story related to me by my platoon mate, Ang, which happened to him during our BMT at Pulau Tekong…

This was what happened to him on that night… Ang was a heavy smoker and on that day, everyone in my platoon were very tired after the vigorous training and were fast aslept. Ang, due to his urge to smoke, secretly “tahan” until lights off and using all his tactiful skills learned during BMT, crept to a corner to relieve his smoker urge.

He soon return to his bed (double decker bed) and was unable to sleep. Soon, he started to hear the sound of bed shaking vigorously from the first bed at the other side of the door. (All recruits should know that the old bunkers have two doors)and Ang happened to be sleeping at the end of the other door)

He thought that it were due to his section mates sleeping movement and preferred to ignore it. However, this time, he heard the bed shaking noise coming from the second bed! Still trying to comfort himself, he again pretend its due to his section mates movement. But now, the bed shaking movement had shifted to the bed just beside him! Ang immediately knew that something was wrong and tried to pretend to sleep. Soon it was all quiet…

Ang, pretending to be aslept, thought that everything was over but to his surprise, guess what he heard?! He heard a kid’s voice conversing in hokkien said: “Ah ma, ang zhu-er jit kuo ko-ko bua koon?” (ie. Grandmother, how come this elder brother not asleep yet?”) Ang was so terrified that he screamed at the top of his voice and woke everyone up in the bunk…not only that, he was so scared that he even wetted his bed!

All thanks to Ang, thats how everyone in the platoon learned of Ang’s unfortunate experience…and all considered themselves very lucky to make it through our BMT….

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