Police Academy

This story was told by my boyfriend bout a year ago during his NS days at Police Academy.

It’s quite scary actually when he told me about all those spooky things that he and his squad mates had experienced. Some of the incidents were told by their SI which i think is very true (my dad told me the same thing!!!)

Ok, the first incident that he and his squad had encounter was on Wednesday night. Usually this guys will book out on Wednesday evening and they had to report back before 10.30pm. First thing, they were reminded not to bring any pork meat over coz, the people at PA believe it’s not a good thing to be brought over. Unfortunately, after the row call, my boyfriend together with his squad mates went up to their bunk and saw a friend munching a meat happily.

“What’s that you are eating?” asked a friend. “Aiyah.. nothinglah. HAM!!” answered the guy. “SIAO!! Throw! You gila is it! Don’t drag us with all these rubbish ok!!” shouted the third guy.

Everybody were staring and looking at each other. SCARED! They believe that pork meat would invite that ‘THING’ over.

“Eh hello.. my mum prepared this specially for me ok? Why, cannot eat hah!” “You are really looking trouble for yourself Man! Anything happens, that’s your business!” said my boyfriend.

After all those communications, they decided to rest and some tried to go to sleep. When midnight strikes, everybody were all prepared to see what’s happening. Some smokes in the bunk (believe it could drive the ‘THING’ away, some read prayers and some already in their dreamland.

Suddenly, the ‘Ham guy’ shouted! He was screaming like a mad man. Everybody was startled. His mouth was fulled with meat and he began throwing up. Some of the guys tried to get hold of him. After a few minutes of struggling, he passed out. The next day, he was down with high fever and my boyfriend tend to ask bout yesterday.

“What happened yesterday?” asked my boyfriend. The rest were all sitting up and were eager to know.. “Hah.. scary man! I saw a woman with disfigured face came up to me and put her hands in my mouth!!”

Everybody was so silent…

There were certain things that you need to know bout PA especially for those who will be serving NS.

Careful.. there you’ll see a headless man wearing a taekwondo suit running at the marching parade at night…

A woman singing and combing her hair at the water tank behind Alpha block.

A girl running around at every bunk looking for her grandma…

An old lady selling nasi lemak as late as midnight…

All these, happens at Police Academy. Besides serving NS and learning self defence, you’ll also learn bout all types of GHOST there….

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