Marching Soldier

This story happened in the year 1985 at an army camp which I don’t want to mention where, during my NS time.

The night was my duty to do guard. My duty run smoothly which start from 1800hrs. As a sentry for 2hrs, rest 2hrs and prowler for 2hrs. At 0200hr, it was me and my buddy turn to do prowler.

As we were prowling, we will reach points where we will note the time we reached to that point on a sentry book located at that place. Things goes smoothly, until we reached the parade square. Our parade square is as big as the size of 2 football field because it is shared with two battalion.

As we were prowling, we saw a soldier at the other end of the parade square marching up and down with a rifle. It is normal for us to see soldier marching up and down parade square because it is one of the punishment given to soldier for insurbodinate behavior but at this time!!!! 0315 hrs???? As we reached the soldier, to our surprised, he had a rope round his neck, red blood eyes and bleeding eyes. We were so sacred that both of us run as fast as we could back to the command post and report to our Guard Commander.

After listening to our story, he told us to go to the guard restroom and sleep and he will write report the next day.

The next morning, he told us a story of a soldier who cannot bend his elbow and knee straight while marching and always get punishment every night practise marching until he can strighten his elbow and knee from his superior ranking until one day he commited suicide by hanging himself on a big tree beside the parade square. That is the first and the last time I met the marching soldier on the parade square.

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