Amoy Quee Camp

HI, i am an NCC(SEA)CADET. Just recently, i had my Part A Camp. It is a 3 days and 2 nights. At one of this nights, i was sleeping in the basha. Accompanied with my 2 friends. I was sleeping in the middle. But unfortunatly, i couldn’t get to sleep ’cause the ASSUMPTION CADETS were making a lot of noise. My both friends were sleeping tightly. I tried to close my eyes but something were telling me to wake up. Then i saw a shadow walking pass out of the basha. I was scared. And 95% of my body were itching all over. But i don’t have any allergy at all.

For tha whole night, i couldn’t slept. I was awakened and couldn’t sleep. The next morning, i was feeling very sleeping. I told myself that i will sleep this night as it is my last day of camping.

On that night, i still couldn’t get to sleep. My both friends were already sleeping. Then at that times, i was sleeping inside a building with the boys and gals. It was all dark and couldn’t see anything. Only the lights on the corner of the building were on. I saw the same thing of what i saw that night. The ghost were waving at me. I was frightened and close my eyes. Beside me sleeping was my friend, oops….i cannot tell who. On the other side, there were a big space. Nobody were beside me. Then i turned on my the other side and saw that ghost.(sleeping) I was shocked and recite my prayers. Then after a few minutes, the ghost disappeared. I was relief.

From that next morning, i did not tell any of my friends what happened.

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