The Mannequin

There’s this rumour in my school (though i will not say which one) that the school musuem is haunted. Here’s what i heard…

In my school musuem, there is this mannequin. The rumour is that one of my school teachers fainted when she went into the musuem one day and saw that the mannequin had changed and it had become a real girl. Her hair was longer and she was starring right at the teacher.

So one day, my friends and i decided to check it out during our recess. We found the door locked and the mannequin was like right behind the door. There was this window at the back of the musuem and we went there to take a look at the mannequin. Suddenly, this sparrow flew out of the musuem and then followed by another.

Then during a school camp, we wanted to go there at mid-night and when we went there, we were surprised to find the musuem open! We went right in full of fear. Then, it happened. We opened the door and the mannequin fell onto one of my friends! We were all freaking especially that girl with the mannequin on her. She quickly pushed it away and it fell on the floor. None of us dared to put the mannequin back except this girl who did not believe in ghosts. She picked it up and put the mannequin on its feet again. But… as we were leaving, we noticed the mannequin had become like a real girl! I knew that she was a real girl not just because she looked real but she even turned her head and starred at us! We quickly closed the door and ran back to our dorms. We never went back to the musuem since…

This story is real and i was not dreaming because my friends also remember the same thing. I am still freaking now… now, even that girl who did not believe in ghosts is freaking out…

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