An Open Invitation

On the anniversaries of his parents death, he decided to visit their graves and pay his respect, at the old cemetary located off Lornie and Kheam Hock roads. To show his respect, he burnt joss sticks and made offerings. It was around 3 pm and as he was about to leave, he saw a woman in black, praying beside a nearby grave which have no tombstone. As he and his brother passed by, he was shocked to see that the grave was open! The woman turned around and to their surprised, her face was covered with blood, and she had no eyes! only eye sockets!

The woman spat at them and begun to scold them in offensive language. She said to them, “You are so inquisitive!You want to go inside this grave?! COME!” She began to move towards them with her arms extended. But, they ran as fast as they could and for some nights, the two brothers were having bad dreams about the lady trying to pull them into the grave. After consulting the medium, everything were back to normal again and nothing unusual happened after that.

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