Angel In A Cemetery

There was a muslim cemetery in Malaysia, seremban or better known as Negeri Sembilan. This incident happened to my mum. This cemetery is `special` because it was the resting place of many holy man and woman. Hence the villagers build a small mosque at the heart of the cemetery. 2 years ago my father received a call telling him that one of his friend there had just passed away on that day.Immediately he left for Seremban wih my mum and a couple of his friend. They depart from Singapore at about 4pm, thus reaching there at around 9pm by car.

The place there was extremely calm for a cemetery.In fact it was peaceful as described by my mum. Suddenly she heard a very loud man voice singing the “bang” (the bang is the song in Arab calling the muslim to pray).It was sung in the most beautiful voice and it was neither scary or eerie.In fact she feel happy and peaceful. My mum thought it was the prayer time, Ishak,(which happen around 8pm.) for the muslim and thought it came from the small mosque.

She then asked my father to get ready for prayer but he replied that ishak was over.She was stunned.

She asked him if he had heard the “bang” and he replied no.His other friends also say they did not hear the “bang”. So you see not all cemetery is haunted.In fact there was several incident whereby some villagers say they saw a man in the mosque on some nights either reading the holy Quran or praying.This is not possible as the mosque was locked every night. In other encounter the keeper once say he saw 4 women in the religious malay tudung(scarf). He also described them as very beautiful beyond words.He say he have never saw the ladies in the nearby village before.In fact he say there was a certain unique glow coming out of them. They were also sitting there praying. Perhaps it was the angels from heaven.

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