Eerie Journey

There was once a malay guy who was driving along the bidadari cemetery, to visit his late grandmum whom he adores much since her presence. for 29 years her granmum passed away due to sudden heart attack and diabetes. Everyday, in the afternoon at around six p.m, he will be there visiting her cemetery. Sitting near a stool, very closed to her cemetery, he will be taking out his religious book, the `Quran` to recite for her.

Raining will be pouring slowly on his head. Without hesitating any longer, he took out his umbrella from his pouch bag. Later at around 7.15 p.m that time, he saw a lady taking ashelter under a white umbrella, trying to send him a cunning smile. Due to her lovely looks, beautiful eyes and small red lips, really kept the malay guy stunning and surprised with her warming smile and lovely looks. She really looks like a malay lady wearing a white, laced-kebaya, with a brown flowery brokets and a yellow tudung.She becoming near and near towards him. A very nice, fragrant and strong smell, like the `cempaka` flower smell enchant him.

Soon the malay guy followed her till at the end of the road, between two tall trees ….and finally at a baeutiful kampong house. He entered the house with the lovely lady….just a few seconds she cried softly infront of him….She lie down on his left shoulder to get his attention. She told her that her soul has no where to go, trying to demand him staing longer at her house. Suddenly, a muslim religious man appeared at the scene….he shout at the man to stay away from the lady….without waiting any longer, the man wake up from his day dreams. The lady run away screaming and yelling with an eerie sound.She ran away in a black and haggard suit…due to the religious man`s prayers…. Thank to god! May Allah bless her soul not to disturb that young man again…

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