Annual Camp

My school had their annual sec 3 adventure camp at Moe/Scouts Camp at Jalan bahtera there. As usual, all of us were very excited and eager to spend our three days, two nights stay there.

Upon reaching the campsite, we were introduced to the instructors and started pitching our tents. The girls’ campsite was near to the forested area while the boys’ campsite was more to the end. We had our usual activities for the first day and when we turned in for bedtime, as usual, the girls would be giggling about. Everything was fine for the first night.

The next day, we were to have our campfire. While having our campfire, i had to answer the call of nature and asked my friend to accompany me to the toilet. When we returned, one of my girlfriends asked me whether anything happened to us on our way there and back. So i told her no and asked her why…She said that she saw a white figure loitering around the toilet area. Initially i was shocked but just kept quiet about it and dismissed the idea.

After having our campfire, we quickly had our supper before turning in to bed. All of us were very tired and immediately fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, i was woken up by the sound made by a group of girls giggling. I was quite irritated as i thought that it was made by the girls in the next tent. Don’t they ever felt tired after the campfire and all the activities? At least be considerate lah..people want to sleep right? I just told them to shut up and went back to sleep. Later, i was woken up again. This time it was not only me but my whole friends who were in the same tent as me. This time round, it was made by the barkings and howlings of the wild dogs. It came from the boys’ campsite area. What the luck!

The next day, we told our instructors about all the noises heard and i told them about the laughing made by a group of the so called ‘inconsiderate’ girls. What surprised me most was that, my friends heard it as well but they said that the laughing seemed to be different, if you listen to it carefully. It was like in a very high pitched..more like a shrill and most girls will not be able to laugh like that. What struck me most was the replied made by our instructors…” It was not the girls that made the noise.. how can they still be awake? When i made the final rounds last night, all the girls were already fast asleep. I guess i no need to tell you guys why..i think you should know by now.”

No wonder the dogs bark. As you know, dogs have the eyes to see things that we humans are unable to see. So that explains why the barkings and howlings made by the dogs and all the laughings…

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