Peirce Secondary

My school had a camp for all graduating classes who will be taking their GCE “O” levels and “N” levels recently this year….That night one of my pals…suggested to explore the technical block about 3am like that….Well i am one of those scary cat kind…Little little thing will kana scare like mad…I didn’t want to…but one of my pals drag me…so i had no choice but tag along….

Because the technical block is behind the canteen….we went by the back…and the canteen behind was JUST SO FREAKING DARK!! The technical block (the front) is really extraordinarily DARK….I sense something behind me all the time…but i dare not looked behind…I kept quiet and just keep walking and walking…Ehh even now when i am typing this (broad daylight) i can sense something is looking behind me too….Gives me the creeps man….

When we finished walking…one my pals suggested walking by the back of the technical block to return to where we camped….Being the daredevil….he peeked into the technical classrooms and i noticed from the outside…it looks eerie…It’s so dark and is VERY DARK!! Think that was the first and last time i did such a thing….One of my friends told me that when she having her NPCC camp few years back…one of her friends….say he saw the “thing” white in colour floating in the air when the NPCC members were making their rounds in school and had to passed by the technical block…..

Another incident was when i was in secondary one…There was a band camp for all band members in the December holidays…All the band members were alocated to sleep in the classrooms…For 1 entire night (the first night) i couldn’t get to sleep….I heard faint piano playings!! I mean who would be so freaking bo liao (nothing better to do) to play the piano at night?? I asked my friend the following day and she says SHE HEARD IT TOO!! One thing i noticed….the best piano player was sleeping in the same classroom as ME!! and all the other band members are sleeping on the same floor as me at the next few classrooms next to mine….Who else could be playing the piano…Until now…this still puzzles me….

Every part of the school…i heard stories…The first floor girls toilet….the school hall….the assembly ground…in fact every part of the school is “dirty”. I often had to stay back in school late this year….I noticed that the school looks dark in the evening…. Seriously there are tons of ghost stories about my school….It was a cemetery previously i wouldn’t be surprised though…Hehe actually i have more stories about another school…..but i think i continued some other day lahz…cheerios~

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