Army Tales Part 2

After my tough BMT, I was posted to an even tougher unit. Only twelve of us were selected out of two companies (about two hundred over men). We were all excited to get to this new place even though we did not know what to expect there but we knew we were in for big time. All other guys were heading for their new places in trucks but the twelve of us were given an air-conditioned van ride. We felt special and that was only the cover.

Since my new camp was a military sensitive area so it was totally way out. The outer-most gate to the main gate was about a kilometer away and we needed to take a van or a jeep in move to and fro. As we went in, we could feel a depressing feeling coming over us and certainly we did not like that feeling. We were soon in our division unit and it was not a homely place at all. We were shown our barrack, which we would be using for the first two months of our training period. As we were specially chosen, we were kept apart from the rest of the other trainees. Our bunk was the third last with the two last bunks unoccupied. We were wondering why this was so. The last bunk was even locked and an X was painted across the door. We did not know anything until much later.

We were given the afternoon to rest and that was what we did. As I took a nap, I had a dream. I dreamt about the bunk next to ours. In my dream I could sense that something was there and it was not human. When I woke up, I was quite disturbed but kept the dream to myself (I am quite alert to this kind of things). Soon we were getting into our training and all. Everything was getting on fine but some of the guys who were sleeping on the other half of the bunk kept finding hard to fall asleep in the night. All was fine in the half that I was sleeping, in fact me and the five other guys in this half sleep like babies, it was the other six who were going through this thing. I even spent two days alone in the bunk once as I was confined to the bunk as I injured myself during training. I did not experience anything at all. Then one day we were talking and things started to come out. The six guys who sleep in the right half spoke of their difficulties in falling asleep in the night. ! Each one of them had the same problem but only then did they all find out that they all had the same problem. Some of them felt that someone was watching them as they slept. That’s when I mentioned to them about the dream that I had the very first afternoon of our arrival. Nothing could be greater then what happened next.

One night we all went to bed after our training and all and one of the guys whom we used to call JC was finding it hard to sleep. He was tossing and turning on this bed. Then late in the night, as he tossed, he turned on his side and as he did that, he saw a black figure hanging onto the upper deck of one of my friends, Kenny’s bed and looking at him as he slept. JC was totally stunned by this sight. Then out of a sudden, the figure turned and looked at JC and dashed into the wall, which connects the empty room of which, I dreamt. The next day JC told us what had happened at night. The rest of the guys were shaken by it all. Throughout the day all the talk of this, the guys from the other platoons got to know of it and they too came out to share their experiences of this kind. One of them shared his encounter. One day as he was sleeping alone in his bunk, his bed started to shake. He though one of his bunkmates was playing a fool with him as he escaped the exercise we were hav! ing because he had played sick. So he jumped out of his bed but he saw a black figure with long hair running out of the room. For what reason we don’t know, these guys gave chase and the figure simply vanished in front his eyes. After that he was really sick. There was another guys who told us about the last bunk with the X painted across the locked door. One morning as he was in the room (this was before the locked it) he was about to leave when a chair flew across the room to stop him from going out. He was totally freaked out then a small table followed and soon other things were all flying all over the place preventing him from leaving. He somehow managed to get out of that demon filled room and ran away for his dear life. It then that my Commanding Officer decided to lock and keep that room out of bounds.

We soon brought this matter to my officer. The rest of the guys want out of that room. I was not echoing their cause, as I had not been disturbed at all. My officer told us that there was on point changing rooms as other rooms also have their fair share of uninvited “guest”. He told us that we need to live with it. He also put me in charge of the situation in my bunk as he knew that I was a Christian and this stinky demons dare not disturb Christians who know God and who they are in God. I shared with them why I was not afraid, it was because of Jesus.

Soon we moved out of that bunk to another after our training period of two months and we did not have any encounters in there but did not escape other areas of my camp as the whole place was terribly “dirty”, if you know what I mean…

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