Army Tales Part 3

As I mentioned in Part II that my camp was one of the ‘dirtiest places’ in Singapore and that is not an over-statement. Many strange things have been happening there from years. Since it is a secretive place many unreported accidents have happened there and you could still see some of the wreckage even till today. Lives were lost in them. They simply left it in there. For what reason? I don’t know.

In this part I will be telling you a few short stories to make up a big one. Anyway; just only week after becoming an ‘active’ Serviceman in the army, one of the NCOs from the cookhouse hang himself less then 20 meters from my unit. One of my friends had the dreadful ‘joy’ of been the first the find him hanging from the ceiling with his eyes and tongue popping out. A number of nights after that incident, stray dogs could be seen gathering near the cookhouse and howling right through the night. No one dares to find out why.

My friends use to encounter things whenever they did night duty or guard duty. It seems that guard duty was the favorite time for the demons to pull their stinking pranks on the lads. Throughout my time in the camp, I was only disturbed once. More on that later. Back to guard duty. We would have to do prowling as part of our guard duty and we had to walk for about two hours or so to cover the more sensitive areas of my camp, to make sure that all is fine. The only thing is that these areas are the most darkest and loneliest places at night in the whole camp. In the dead of night there will not be any living soul left in these areas. One night two of my friends were on duty and had to prowl. They got to one place and as keyed in the time of their checking on a time record, they meet an old man. They were puzzled to find someone there at that time of the night. They asked about his whereabouts and he told them that he was the guard there and was going for his rounds. My friends did not probe further and left. Then suddenly after taking a couple of steps forward, one of them realized that they were the guards for the night and there was no old man in the camp at all!! They dared not look for him again and checking with the staff of that area the next day, they learnt that this old man had been seen before but at times with his head hanging from a single piece of flesh. My friends were so shaken that they were taken ill for the next three days. Some other guys have not evil spirits follow after them growling and snaring at them. Once they had to send a jeep to look for two guys who were chased by some growling and snaring demon.

Once I was prowling with a friend and we love to take short cuts in order to finish fast and have more time to rest. We were walking along a very dark lane; I was in front and my friend at the back. We had not brought our torchlights that night so we had to make do with the darkness. All our training had to be applied to move around. Suddenly there was a very strong smell of sweet flower. My friend not knowing what is was remarked to me excitedly. (I knew that was the smell of death). I did not tell him anything so as not to freak him. As we made our way to a way out building, my friend stopped talking (He has a motor mouth. Once he starts talking nothing could shut his gap at all). I did not suspect anything at first but after walking about 200m away from that place; my friend with his face ash white told me that he saw a black figure running around on the second floor of the building. The figure, he said kept looking at him. I was angrier with him for not telling me of it sooner.

Those doing sentry were not spared by these demons. We have three gates that are spread across the camp area and there are miles apart from each other. We need to take a jeep in order to deploy men there. The gate on the eastern side of the camp has its share of stories. Sometimes when the guys when in the sentry box, they could hear singing or music coming from the back. Mind you there is only a thick jungle behind. Once my buddy was doing his duty there with three other guys. There is a rest room attached to the guardroom and it is a nice place with TV, couple of bed and an attached toilet and all. That night he and another guy were in the guardroom chatting with the two others who were doing their turn of duty. It was about one in the morning. The four felt their bones jump out of their skin when they heard a woman singing with a very high pitch inside the restroom!!! The sound was so loud and high pitched that it caused a big crack across the ceiling. They were so freaked that one of them was taken to the hospital by a helicopter.

These are some of the cases that happened but now to one of the guardroom that was well famed for such things. It was a guardroom that most people would like to avoid. With a very slow moving fan and loads of rats running around in the night, it was a place like no other. Guys would like to avoid it for some other reasons (so I say more). Countless things have happened there and if I would pen them all down, it would be enough for a best seller. I will just tell you two of them.

One today I was posted to that place with three other fellows. We were to man the post until morning. After our round of duty, my friend and I went to sleep before the other two guys wake us up three hours later. I was soundly asleep when my bed began to shake. I thought it was time for my duty, but as I looked at my watch only one hour had past. Maybe my friend was taking a Mickey at me, but as looked around I saw my friend fast a sleep and the other two guys outside doing their duty. (Note: I was sleeping on the upper deck and my friend on the lower. These are very heavy bed and it is very hard to shake has it did.) I knew it was a stupid demon that was disturbing me. I knew that with Jesus I had no fear of some smelly demon). I was so mad; I spoke out as the bed still shook. I told whatever that was shaking the bed to stop or I will get down and bash it’s demon head. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. At once it stopped. I waited for another ten minutes to see if it was going to shake my bed again. It did not dare and I went back to sleep.

Two hours later the two guys outside woke us up but they were acting rather strange. The arm sentry was not in his post but rather cuddling with the other guys. Their faces were ash white. They told us that one of them want to go to the toilet behind; and when he tried opening the door, he could not. It was as if someone was behind holding on the doorknob. It can’t be locked because they had the keys and it can’t be someone else using the loo, as we were the only human there. They freaked out big time. They then got me to go and take a look and when I opened the door it open without a trouble.

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