SAF Holy Crest

This is an experience which I encounted while I was servin’ my NS. It may not be scary, but I believe it will help those who are serving the NS. The moral of the story is to believe in urself and have faith. ……. Here goes ….

I served my NS at Khatib camp. My unit was very ‘switched off’, coz it was an education ctr. There are 3 persons sharing my bunk, unfortunately, 2 of them were granted stay-out. That means, every nite I will be alone in the bunk. For two years, there were lots of things happening, like, sightings outside the window, footsteps, ‘visitors’ sleeping on my bunkmates bed and other stuff. I’ll tell you guys stories some other time. Right now, I’m gonna tell this particular story which is not so scary.

One fateful nite, one of my bunkmates had to stay in camp. He said he is afraid to go home coz itz already late and the walk out too eerie for him. Furthermore, he thought he say a lady walking behind him the nite before.

That nite, he was telling about his encounter with ‘that’ lady, and he was cursing and swearing as he can’t go home. We were also telling each ghost stories that nite. When its late, both of us fell asleep, and right before he feel asleep, he swore the ‘lady’ again.

Suddenly, we heard the panes behind us crack. But when we turn around and looked, there were nothing, and went back to sleep. Moments later, my friend woke up and start laughing as loud as he can. The eerie thing is that, he jump from his bed onto the cupboard which was about 4 metres away. On top of the cupboard, he sat on his knees and continued laughing. I got the shock of my life and ran out of the bunk. Went to my officers bunk and called them out. My RSM who was in his bunk heard the commotion joined us in my bunk.

Looking at the situation, we realised that he was possessed. Unfortunately, the officer (young Lieutenant) being a ‘new bird’ didn’t know what to do and frooze. That moment, my RSM who was 44 yrs old, and ‘old bird’ took action. He grab my beret, utter some words and put it on my friends head. He also told ‘that thing’ too leave the boy’s body. Miraculously, my friend immediately stopped laughing and fell off the cupboard. He came back to his senses a little while later.

When asked about what my RSM did, he said that the SAF crest has been blessed the 4 major religions in Singapore, to protect its bearer, be it foreign, domestic or the unexplained. It has its own powers. But again, the wearer must have faith in it. This was confirmed by other senior staff of the SAF.

You guys serving the NS or in the army, have faith coz you guys are being looked after.

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