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This took place quite a few years ago in my previous Sec School (Northland Sec). I was the school 1st batch of students and the story happened during our school opening ceremony. So now, let me slowly intro the spooky part to you people.

1. As you ppl know, whenever the school holds any special events, ppl from all of sort of eca gotta put in extra time and this goes the same from the NPCC student. Once, when they were having a break from one of their training, some of the girls were resting on the seats provided in between the classroom block and the science lab block when they heard someone singing the old Chinese opera song. The gers immediatly “invite” some of the guys to check it out for them. They went all over the place and finally found that the sound was came from 1 of the science Lab.The song was sang so loudly and clear that they tot maybe some teachers had forgotten to switch it off the radio. Curiously, they went to the main office to get the key and went back the lab to check. But when they step in, the sound immediatly stop! My friends so frighten they ran off and once they out of the lab, the song can be hear again….

2. One night, after our rehesal, all of us were held back by our Teachers and were seated in front of the flag pole. While the teacher was talking to us on the overall, a group of friends from the chinese dance and another few of us saw something standing outside the corridor connected to the hall. A clearer look, we saw a few “ppl” wearing the Chinese Opera Clothing staring at us. Soon after that, a malay ger start shouting and kicking. We tried to pin her down but in the end, another malay ger also kanna the same thingy. They seem so strong that we need a few gers to stop them and send a few ger to look for the malay teacher or auntie. After some time, a malay lady come to our rescue and put some onion or garlic on the palm of the gers, soon they recover and keep crying. Most of us believe this was caused by the dance the malay gers present as they’ll be dancing with a kinda bamboo umbrella with it open and close. In older days, umbrella is used to trap spirits and so this could be the reason why the gers are behaving so strangly.

After all this happening, we believe that these spirits wanna celebrate the school opening with us too, since this was the place where they used to live.

Below is some other stories i heard from my school teacher and friends.

1. Clock tower – 1 Neighbour living beside our school complains that in the middle of the night, when he look out of his window which is facing the clock tower. He saw a lady in red sitting in front of the clock face.

2. Home Econ Rm : My Teacher always complain food in her fridge disappeared. At 1st, she thought they were taken by the other teachers but they all denied. After checking, she told us that when the school was still under construction, a worker actually fall to death which is just in front of the fridge. Students who came back for weekend eca heard noise of plate and bowl crashing when passingby the room to the ladies. But after checking, found out that everything are still in position.

3. 1 of the Gers toilet: Some gers complain they heard noise coming out from 1 of the cubic. After checking, found out that just be the school opening, a ger from the neighbourhood commit sucide in the very same toilet due to some boy-girl relationship.

Thinks that about it! Thanks for spending ur time to read this story. Gers, remember try not to go to the ladies alone.

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