Bartley Cabin

It was during our first NCC annual sec1 camp and we were having sentry duty when my friend saw a pontinak on top of our school cabin. Our NCOs had told us not to shine our torchlight aboce 45 degree and whoever who do it will be punish. But my friends ignore the instruction and play around with their torchlights as if they are in the disco. It was then by the time we reach our cabin at the back of our school. It was the darkiest and most creepy place in our school, famous for ghost and other dirty things… My friends suddenly became quiet and shiver with cold sweats. They no longer play with their torchlights and were all looking at the ground! I was totally puzzled, not knowing the reason of their sudden change.

The sentry duty for our group was finally over when we reach back to the place where we first started. We went back to our classroom and this is when i asked my friends what had happened to them. They were all still shivering with fear and i can feel their goosebumps raising when i was sitting beside them. They whispered to me silently into my ears and said they had seen a pontinak on top of the cabin roof. She was staring straight at them with anger as if she going to eat them all up. I was surprised and do not know whether what they said is true. I look out the window where the cabin is situated and i saw a black shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This thing that had happend is true or not, i do not know. But i know there are still many ghost stories about our school. For example The toilet, the roof top of our school, our top floor where black shadows are always seen. And The staircase that is always lock on the top floor, rumoured to say it lead to the 3rd dimension…

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