Bangkok Palace Hotel

Few years back, my wife and I went for a 3D2N shopping trip to Bangkok. We stay at Bangkok Palace, which was located under a highway.

When we arrived in the afternoon and check-in to our room on level 3. It’s a long corridoor with well lighted wall lamps, and our room is in the middle of the corridoor. After we unpacked our stuffs, we went shopping… nothing unusual till this point.

We return to the hotel after our supper, which is around midnight. This time, the corridoor looks very dark as most of the wall lamps are not working. While walking towards our room, my wife grab my right arm, walking closely beside me. As she is very easily scared, I never thing much and moved on to open the door. After opening the door, I turn around and saw my wife staring at the end of the dark corridoor with her pale face. I asked her what are you looking at and look at the same direction she was looking, but see nothing, and she said it’s nothing. I know something weird is going on but since she’s no telling, I just keep quiet. That night, I stay awake and make sure I sleep after my wife, nothing strange happen.

Next morning, we are ready to go shopping again. When I was closing the door, my wife suddenly walk to the end of the corridoor all by herself. I quickly closed the door and follow behind her. This time, the whole corridoor’s wall lamps are all working fine. After she reach the end of the corridoor, she looked at the right which is a stretch of solid wall around 8 – 10 meters, no door or exit. Her face turned pale again, I asked, are you alright? She said, I’m fine, lets go shopping.

After shopping and supper, we went back to the hotel at about the same time, midnight. When we reached the corridoor, it’s dark again, with many wall lamps not working. While walking to our room, my wife grab my arm again. This time, she grab very tide and was walking right behind me with her head hiding behind my shoulder. I know she definitely saw something at the end of the corridoor. I stared hard at the end of the corridoor, but there’s nothing there. After opening the door, my wife went straight to bed, covering her whole body with blanket. I’m worried and ask her do you wanna change room or something? She replied, it’s late, just let me sleep and don’t ask me anything until we are back home. After my shower, I lie down beside her and she’s already sleeping soundly. I kissed her forehead and found that she was having fever! I put cold towel on her forehead and stay awake by her side till she wake up in the morning.

She looks weak and still having slight fever, anyway, we pack our stuffs and head for the airport. (Note: the corridoor lights are working fine again!) On the way to airport, amazingly, she starts to look well again and her fever was gone!!!

When we are home and unpacking our stuffs, this is when she told me everything. First night she stare at the end of the corridoor, because she saw a old lady wearing all white pushing the cleaner trolly towards the end of the corridoor. Upon reaching the end, the old lady turn right and move on. Nothing unusual to my wife, but she feels a little eerie that’s all. Next morning, she went to the end of the corridoor to check and found out that it was a stretch of wall!!! The old lady actually turn right into the wall! The second night while we was walking to our room, she saw the same old lady in white standing at the end of the corridoor staring at us. This is when she grab my arms and hide behind me.

After hearing her story, I told her that in future, if she feel eerie, uncomfortable or anything not right, just tell me you don’t like this room. We shall then request to change room or even change hotel.

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